John F. Torres was born in Chicago, Illinois, In 1955. He has seen quite a bit in sixty-two years. A T-Shirt he had seen said. “Been there, and done that” made him think how true that statement was in his life. His best friend and wife, Sherry, live in the far South suburbs of Chicago. They live near to everything. farms, nature trails, shopping, and medical facilities. He has three adult children and six grandchildren. They are especially dog people. The family have many dogs. Sherry and he enjoy all the Lord has blessed them with. They are so happy and thankful for everything. They have endured many trials and tribulations together, BUT GOD, has been more than faithful. Only God could allow these results.

John was alive for forty years when he came out from the wilderness, where he had been spiritually blind to Gods way. He only knew religion, mans way to God. Yet true salvation comes from God's way to man - His Holy Word, the Bible. Now that John is made right with God the curse is broken and is free from the curse of sin and spiritual blindness,. In Jesus name, Amen!


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